Brands that make Christmas


In an increasingly secular society, advertising and favourite brands have the iconic status once held by angels and shepherds.

Now the holidays are upon us, and our team decided to visit the most Christmassy part of London – Winter Wonderland, to explore with people those brands that mean Christmas to them.   Interestingly, retailers are as iconic as favoured FMCG brands. Read more

Congratulations to BHF on their innovative breakthrough campaign: ‘Heart Disease is Heartless’


This highly emotive TV and cinema ad won the September/October 2015 Thinkboxesaware for TV ad creativity. We’re proud to be part of such a great team. Our research, in partnership with British Heart Foundation, and their agency DLKW Lowe identified a need to convey the sudden and unexpected devastation of heart disease – how it can strike without warning, tearing families apart.   Read more

A glimpse into the future: making sense of scents

It’s extraordinary how captivating imagery and vigorous music can not only affect our emotions or mood, but is capable of stimulating other senses that are beyond vision and hearing. One of the better examples of recent advertising campaigns that aim to capture taste and flavour via the audio-visual medium, are the award winning Lurpak commercials that celebrate delicious food and an invigorating cooking experience. High quality video close-ups depicting mouth-watering textures, along with dramatic music and a theatrical narrative makes you really feel as if you are about to taste these enticing meals yourself. Read more